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The thrilling story of how I’ve been wallowing on the couch with a fever and what I learned from it

Yesterday was the first day of my summer vacation so, of course, I came down with a 100 degree fever. Why does it work like that? Why do so many people get sick on their long-awaited vacation? –> READ MORE

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The 4 Stages of Password Changing

In the spirit of Nora Ephron’s “Six stages of E-mail”… Stage 1: Your password has expired EVERY NINETEY DAYS YOUR PASSWORD EXPIRES. YOU MUST SELECT A NEW PASSWORD THAT CANNOT REPEAT ANY PREVIOUS PASSWORD AND MUST BE EIGHT TO TWELVE … Continue reading

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Zombies taught me how to write

Do you want to know the secret of every good zombie movie? It’s this: good zombie movies aren’t about the zombies. … READ MORE on ADR3–>  

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My first Optimus Prime costume

Digging through some old family photos, I found this doosey. It’s a picture of a costume I made when I was 10 or 12, constructed from cardboard boxes and spare paint I found in my grandparent’s garage. I used to … Continue reading

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