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Kickstarter laboratory for writers

Welcome to the first installment of a short series on using Kickstarter (or any other crowdfunding system) to launch a novel.   Harsh Truth #1: 70% of Kickstarter projects fail. Don’t become a statistic. The frightening fact is that only … Continue reading

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The Med Bomb/Dye Bomb

This might not be the most exciting invention to look at, but this football-sized cylinder can explosively vent vapor . Nikki usually fills it with dye of various hues to flash-color just about any object (or person). In The Non-Zombie Apocalypse, it takes on … Continue reading

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The Non-Zombie Parasite

When it comes to my comfort zone with doodling, I’m only good with things that involve straight lines and sharp angles. That pretty much means robots. So I really took a risk with this one, because it’s all mushy and … Continue reading

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Don’t miss this Webundle!

Get 8 amazing ebooks including Dawn of Steam by Jeffrey Cook, Alternitech by best-seller Kevin J. Anderson, and The Non-Zombie Apocalypse by Yours Truly! How much is it? You pay whatever you want. Seriously. You can’t beat that deal!10   … Continue reading

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Robot apocalypse… delayed until further notice

At Tech Club we’ve been trying our hardest to bring about the robot apocalypse. We may still need a few upgrades. Don’t miss out! Get 8 ebooks including The Non-Zombie Apocalypse and pay… whatever you want! Limited time only– don’t … Continue reading

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