All the tweets I would have sent if I hadn’t forgotten to take my phone to Disney Land

I went on vacation to California and accidentally left my phone back in Seattle. I was reduced to writing down all the tweets I wanted to send in a little note pad. Now that I’m home, I can finally post them.

This was a special trip for me, because 15 years ago my wife and I came to Disney Land on our honeymoon. It made a good anniversary trip, too!

kands at dizzyland

Disney Land

  • I hate to be the one to break the news, but Disney Land has been commercialized.
  • Disney Imagineers must stay up at night designing new ways to make it look like the line is almost over. Then you go around the corner and see the 10,000 people who are still in front of you.
  • We wore a groove in the pavement going back and forth between Star Tours and Pirates of the Caribbean, with stops at the Haunted House and Indiana Jones. That’s a good groove.
  • All these little girls in princess costumes make me realize that this park is basically #Disney Con, open to cosplayers 365 days a year.
  • A musketeer almost arrested me in Fantasy Land because he said he thought I was Flynn Rider (from Rapunzel). He said he mistook me because of “the smoldering.”
  • Dinner at the Blue Bayou, where we ate on our honeymoon 15 years ago. <3
  • We got a seat by the water at the #BlueBayou because we rule. These are the best seats because the distant screams of the pirate victims make the food taste better.
  • 14 MPH in the parking garage? That’s just a weird number. Is 15MPH somehow too intense for young children?

Next post: Universal Studios!

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