Baseball, Bugs, and Velociraptors (Hollow Earth Expedition, Ssn1 ep11b)

This is an ongoing story about a lost world of hungry dinosaurs, sinister villains, and non-stop action. If you are new to Hollow Earth Expedition, I suggest starting at the beginning of the story.


As Celeste silently vowed never to sit in the leaves of the forest floor again, something jabbed her in the shoulder like a needle. She sprang back and looked at her arm to discover a fat, brightly colored insect with bulging black eyes and a translucent thorax that revealed pulsing blue innards. It was almost the size of an apple, and it clung to her with hairy, twitching legs while it jabbed at her skin with a long, curving proboscis.

With a yelp of fright, she slapped at the monstrosity. It fell from her shoulder but took to the air with a set of buzzing wings. She slapped at it again and again, but it hovered around her flailing hands, lunging in at her. Cursing the vile wilderness, she tried to run, but it kept pace with her, buzzing in her ear as she waved her arms around her head.

Celeste knew this thing was a pest, and with eight brothers and sisters Celeste knew the pestering wouldn’t stop until she taught it some manners. She snagged a fallen branch from the ground and spun to face the insect. As it rushed in, a filthy ball of appendages and mandibles, and she swung her stick like a baseball bat. There was a wet smack as the bug sailed away through the air. Its trajectory took it high enough to brush the bottoms of the leaves overhead before landing two dozen yards away, right on top of what Celeste assumed was a pile of logs.

Only it wasn’t a pile of logs. It was a group of sleeping creatures whose brown-yellow reptilian skin served to camouflage them as a logs. One of the creatures awoke with a start and stared at the fat dead bug that had bounced off its haunch. Then the creature turned its sleek, narrow head to study Celeste with yellow eyes. Two other identical heads rose up from the forest floor to look at her. The first one rose to its feet and she could see that it stood bird-like on its hind legs. Short, tan feathers lined its heavily clawed forearms and the tip of its long tail. It opened its snout and licked its pointed teeth as it watched her.

Celeste dropped her stick and ran.


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