Certain Death (Hollow Earth Expedition, ssn1 ep50d)

The Rugged Explorer

Jack dashed away and the tyrannosaur launched itself after him. Somewhere overhead, the Nazi’s biplane buzzed its way towards them, but Jack ignored it as he poured all of his attention into one last, desperate sprint. He expected at any minute to be snapped up by those gargantuan jaws: he was out in the open now, with no shelter or help nearby.

The closest structure was the pylon at the center of the city, about a hundred yards separated him from it. He could see Professor Scrumtumbler and Professor Limefellow at its base, working the strange crystal protuberances at its base as they chanted words in some strange, elder tongue that sounded more than a little like those von Wartenburg had spoken.

Jack veered towards them, his lungs burning and his ears filled with the footsteps of the giant predator behind him. He knew that he could not outrun the tyrannosaur across that much open ground, but it was his best—and only—chance.

As the professors went about their strange business, the air around the pylon began to shimmer. Jack had more important things on his mind: he assumed it was just a trick of the light and the jungle heat, and he kept running. But then the air rippled again and glowed more brightly, and suddenly Jack was looking past the pylon into another world, this time a dry desert, hanging in space as though someone had drawn back the curtain of the world to reveal this other place behind it. The image rippled as if it were projected onto a snapping flag, but he could see that it was a huge vista, spanning the entire front of the pylon and extending all the way back through the strange space as far as the eye could see.

The vision surprised and confused Jack so much that he did not see the rock in his path. He tripped and sprawled on the ground, having only enough time to look up at the ten-ton monster bearing down on him.



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Sechin Tower is a teacher, game developer, and author of MAD SCIENCE INSTITUTE, a novel of creatures, calamities, and college matriculation. He lives in Seattle, Washington.
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