Exploring the City (Hollow Earth Expedition Ssn1 ep.24a)

This is an ongoing story about a lost world of hungry dinosaurs, sinister villains, and non-stop action. If you’re new to Hollow Earth Expedition, I suggest starting at the beginning.





The Nazi stooges followed Maia around the city like machinegun-toting ducklings. They seemed fooled by her outward confidence, but in truth she didn’t know where she was going or even what she was looking for—all she knew was that they were willing to kill her if she didn’t find it.

Gradually, careful investigation revealed that the city must have housed numerous cultures that rose and fell over the course of millennia. The structures showed a progression of different building techniques ranging from straw huts to grandiose domes and pyramids. Everything was crumbling and weather-damaged, save only the oldest buildings, those constructed by the original founders of this city. These were thousands of years old, and yet it seemed that if the dust and vines were cleared away, they would shine as brightly as the day they were constructed.

That made it easy to guess where to begin: whatever the Nazis were looking for, it must have been built by the same hands that constructed these great, enduring monuments.

Maia moved from building to building, piecing together the stories and the hints left behind on the intricately carved walls of the most ancient structures. The city clearly revolved around the great pylon in the center, but the pylon was not the only point of interest. She was ready to bet that what she sought would be marked by the largest, most ornate structure. After all, nobody throws their jewels down a sewer. That meant all Maia had to do was look for the highest, grandest structure that the Nazis hadn’t already crawled all over.

After making a show of pondering several meaningless ancient wall etchings, Maia marched purposefully to the edge of the reclaimed area, ready to gamble her life that she would find what she needed within the tangled vines and darken buildings beyond.



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Hollow Earth Expedition was created by Jeff Combos and is property of Exile Game Studio. For more Hollow Earth Expedition action, check out ExileGames.com

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