God-Queen of the Ancient City (Hollow Earth Expedition Ssn1 ep.24c)

This is an ongoing story about a lost world of hungry dinosaurs, sinister villains, and non-stop action. If you’re new to Hollow Earth Expedition, I suggest starting at the beginning.


Maia inched through the shaded alleys and vine-clogged buildings, studying the architecture and intricate wall carvings as she went.  The professors would no doubt go mad for the broken down buildings and the dirty old pottery shards buried in the sod, but Maia didn’t care about that. The Nazis might be insufferable bastards as far as she was concerned, but at least they understood that history is only as valuable as what people are willing to pay for it. If history—and life—had taught Maia one lesson, it was that cultures rise and cultures fall, but if you don’t take what you need from the world, the world will take it from you.

Before much longer, she found what she was looking for in the form of a stepped pyramid that resembled a Mesopotamian ziggurat. She led her guards up the stairs of this forgotten temple, then down the internal stone passage, deep into the basement, deeper into the sub-basement, and deeper still into the curling catacombs beneath the city.

The Nazis had confiscated her knife and pistol, and the lazy-eyed squad leader brazenly carried her shotgun strapped to his back, yet they had not taken her flashlight, which she now used to illuminate the hieroglyphs that danced and swayed among the shadows cast upon the smoothly-carven walls all around them. It was as eerie as it was exhilarating to think that no human eyes had read those strange figures or trespassed through these halls in thousands of years.

It took her hours of labor in those dark rooms, but Maia finally determined that the carvings were partially bas relief murals and partially an ancient script. Combined, they formed a sliver of history of this great city. With a few years of scrutiny, Maia might have been able to decipher the whole text, but it looked to her like it mostly consisted of the same apocalyptic garbage that had been scrawled by a thousand different dying cultures. According this particular mythology, there was a war among the gods which ended with the elder race abandoning the earth for various celestial destinations. This city was supposedly one of the last holdouts, were the ruling class refused to migrate to their newly appointed home. Their pharaoh-like god-queen held out against the wishes of her counterparts in other city-states, evidently battling them with the aid of some mystical emblem. Ultimately, she was overthrown and her cursed emblem was sealed away beneath this city. Maia tipped her hat in admiration as she read of the woman who fought against time and death itself. In the end, the god-queen failed, but her efforts were valiant.

Whatever kernel of historical truth these carvings might have held, Maia gleaned one very important fact from that wall: something of great value was buried down there, and she now had a pretty good notion of how to get it.



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