Pulse Pounding Science Fiction

You’ve come to the right place for pulse pounding science fiction by Sechin Tower.

First up will be serialized Hollow Earth Expedition stories to capture the two-fisted pulp action you know and love.  The first installment will go up on Tuesday, August 4th. Buckle up and kick your drilling machine into overdrive, because it’s going to be more action than you can shake a t-rex at.

I’m also extremely excited to announce my debut novel, Mad Science Institute, which will release in Winter of 2011. This book features explosions, robots, jet packs, lakes of magma, and the occasional lizard monster. You won’t like it unless you like things that are awesome.

More details to come. Stay tuned!

About Sechin Tower

Sechin Tower is a teacher, game developer, and author of MAD SCIENCE INSTITUTE, a novel of creatures, calamities, and college matriculation. He lives in Seattle, Washington.
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  1. Gabriel says:

    Congrats Sechin! Looking forward to it!

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