Hollow Earth Expedition teaser #2

This is the second of three teasers for the upcoming fiction series. The full story will start next week, August 2nd, right here on this website. You can also catch all the action by subscribing to my free monthly ezine.

Maia scampered out the hatch and into the open air to join Professor Scrumtumbler others on the back of the drilling machine.

“Something seems to be spooking the beasts,” Professor Limefellow observed, pointing down to the nearest triceratops. It was shaking its enormous gray head-plate and bucking its horns threateningly into the air. Two more of the massive beasts joined in with the threatening display, their bellows seeming to blend the sounds of an elephant’s trumpet and a lion’s roar. Behind them, the other members of the herd responded to the commotion by forming a tight, defensive circle around their young.

The constant squawk of birds vanished, as though the entire forest held its breath as it watched the standoff.

“They seemed so nice before,” Celeste said. “What’s gettin’ them all riled up like that?”

Maia studied the three bulls squaring off against the drilling machine. In the bright sunlight, their head plates seemed dappled with red pinpoints of light. As they stabbed at the air with their horns, they squinted and blinked against the red glare of something in the direction of the drilling machine.

“Your dress,” Maia said to Celeste, pointing to the actress’s red, sequined outfit. “You’re like a walking red cape at a bull fight.”

Before Maia could usher Celeste down the hatch, the three triceratopses roared once more and charged in. The ran together, flank to flank, rushing forward like a thirty ton tsunami of prehistoric muscle and bone.

The ground shook with the thunder of dinosaur feet. Celeste gasped. Scrumtumbler and Limefellow both tried to get down the hatch and into the drilling machine, but they collided with each other and neither of them made it inside.

Maia crouched down and timed her jump for the instant before the beasts slammed into the steel hull.


Hollow Earth Expedition was created by Jeff Combos and is property of Exile Game Studio. For more Hollow Earth Expedition action, check out ExileGames.com.

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