Hollow Earth serial will accelerate!

Starting this week, I’m putting the Hollow Earth Expedition serial fiction on nitro-overdrive. I’ll be posting a new section of the story nearly every day. Buckle up! It’s going to be a fast ride.

This 55 chapter story is set to come to an explosive finish in June. Starting in July, I’m going to be switching subjects to focus on sci-fi, publishing, and RPGs (those are three separate topics, but they have lots of intersections).

Whether you’re a sci-fi fan, gamer, or aspiring writer or game designer, I think you’ll find what I have to say both interesting and useful. I can keep you on top of the genre and show you how to get into the business.

Stay tuned!

About Sechin Tower

Sechin Tower is a teacher, game developer, and author of MAD SCIENCE INSTITUTE, a novel of creatures, calamities, and college matriculation. He lives in Seattle, Washington.
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