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Here you’ll be subjected to my random musings about science fiction, games, book publishing, and whatever else occurs to me to type out.

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  1. Sheena Hocking says:

    I absolutely love the Mad Science Institute! (Bought it from amazon.co.uk for Kindle.)

    Tesla has interested me for years, and the idea of his inventions still being safeguarded someplace is very comforting, although sadly highly improbable.

    Antigrav using repulsion from Earth’s magnetic field also unlikely, as the field is too weak 🙁

    I want to be Soap, but may have to wait for second childhood, since first one and college days are now only a memory with less in it than a Sinclair ZX81, inverse square law applying to clarity of my recollection over time.

  2. Sechin Tower says:

    Thanks, Sheena! Good to hear from you.
    I got the idea for the school when I read that after Tesla died the FBI raided his apartment in search of his workbooks. Presumably, they didn’t find anything worthwhile, but one can imagine!

    Naturally, I had to exaggerate a few possibilities to make it an exciting story, magnetic levitation not the least of them. With a room-temperature superconductor, you could create levitation packs (same principal as the Japanese bullet-trains), but you’re right: the Earth’s magnetic field isn’t strong enough, so you would need a magnetized surface beneath you.

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