“I was in an Executive Meeting” (Hollow Earth Expedition Ssn1 ep3)

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Reggie Sparks threw open the door of the outhouse and had to hold onto his fedora to keep it from blowing off in the sandstorm kicked up by the drilling machine’s departure. As he watched, the gargantuan machine chewed its way into the ground, its steel hull slowly rotating in place as it disappeared into the mound of rubble kicked up in its wake.

“Hey, you crumbs!” he held his pants up with one fist while he shook the other at the titanic molehill where once the drilling machine had been. “Come back! You forgot me! Oh—my camera!”

Reggie hurriedly buckled his belt and then rushed to the side of his fallen Mitchell Model NC 35mm cinema camera where it lay in the scrub brush, its tripod toppled by the vibrations of the drilling machine’s passing.

A man in a black hat and a checkered shirt stepped out of the dust cloud near the launch struts. Reggie recognized the man as Clem, one of the assistant engineers.

“I didn’t know you were still here,” Clem drawled slowly.

“I was in an executive meeting,” Reggie jerked his thumb over his shoulder in the direction of the outhouse. “Would you look at this? Lens is broken. These things cost a fortune. Not only that, but I’m out the chance to get a shot of the drilling gizmo doing its thing. Stock footage sales would have kept me in butter and eggs for a month of Tuesdays, you know. This whole gig was nothing but a trip for biscuits.”

As the rumbling of the drilling machine receded, the buzz of airplane engines passed by overhead, but otherwise the desert was silent. Reggie frisked his pockets until he found a small set of screwdrivers, which he then used to unscrew the brass ring that secured the camera’s main lens.

Clem circled around to stand behind him, casting a long shadow over the director. Slowly and silently he drew a long black Colt .45 from the holster at his hip.

Reggie rubbed the stubble on his chin appraisingly as he held up the cracked lens to peer through it at the empty desert in front of him. “The Professor owes me a new lens,” he grumbled. “That, and I can’t believe they went and left me behind.”

“They went,” Clem said, extending his pistol to the back of Reggie’s head. “And they left no witnesses behind.”


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