Interview with Eloy Lasanta

This is the 3rd in a series of 4 interviews with the writers of the scenarios for the new Perils of the Surface World book, which is currently up on Kickstarter.

We are very lucky to have Eloy Lasanta as our writer for Five Talons of the Jade Dragon, our Perils of Shanghai scenario. Eloy is the mastermind behind Third Eye Games and has brought us a list of hit games longer than my arm. He’s also the host of the podcast “Rolling 20s.” Check out for more!


Who is Eloy when he isn’t writing two-fisted pulp adventures?
Eloy: I’m a man of so many flavors. When I’m not writing pulp adventures, I’m writing martial arts adventures or horror adventures or divine adventures or “Mermaid Adventures” (see what I did there). Pulp has its own draw, though, it’s more action-y and you can have a lot of fun with it. I always make my own fun, but writing pulp just makes it that much easier. On top of that, I have a wife and family, I make t-shirts for a number of companies (including my own) and I host my own podcast, Rolling 20s. I was taught from a young age to stay busy. Idle hands are the devil’s playground or some junk.

Tell us about some of the awesome things going on over at Third Eye Games
Eloy: Third Eye Games is my great RPG company that I started back in 2008. We make Apocalypse Prevention, IncWu Xing: The Ninja CrusadePart-Time Gods and the new Mermaid Adventures. It keeps me pretty busy developing new settings and systems to bring awesome games out. We have the Savage Worlds Edition of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. on the way out, as well as a kickstarter for Wu Xing: Truth and Lies ( and the upcoming kickstarter for Divine Instruments, the heavily awaited Part-Time Gods book.  those four gamelines are just the beginning. We have BIG things planned for 2013!

What were your inspirations for writing a scenario set in Shanghai?
Eloy: Oh man, it just so happened that I had done a lot of research already on Shanghai’s history, so it worked out well. After reading the notes provided by the wise and powerful Sechin, lord of this blog, I went on a soul searching quest to find just the right angle to take for an adventure so pregnant with potential. I decided on a Romeo and Juliet meets Big Trouble In Little China approach, including some horror, some humor and a whole lot of butt-kicking.
Editor’s note: I hardly had to pay him extra for the “wise and powerful” comment. 

What is your favorite part of Five Talons of the Jade Dragon?
Eloy: My favorite part of the adventure is probably the scene where the evil Dr. is auctioning his daughter off to the wealthiest businessman in Shanghai. It’s a pretty intense scene where the adventurers need to try to break up. It has a lot of different ways on how to approach it and a few different outcomes depending on how well you do. That’s the kind of adventure I like to write… railroading is never the way to go. Good lesson to learn. Don’t say I never taught you anything.

What is your favorite dinosaur?
Eloy: Brontosaurus. Long neck, long tail, can wreck you SO easily. I was insanely sad when I found out years ago that the Brontosaurus isn’t really a dinosaur. It’s like Pluto, man, and I have issues. Don’t get me started.

Okay, I just have to ask: Why are you so awesome, Eloy? How is it even possible that you exist in this space and time to bring us your amazing gifts?

First off, so kind of you to ask. I was born a poor, black child, but eventually grew to be the awesome poor, black man you see before you. Only now, I make awesome games for others to play.

Thanks, Eloy!

Okay, Gentle Reader, you have some assignments:

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