Mega Trotsky and the Mysterious Spartan (Hollow Earth Expedition Ssn1 ep14b)

This is an ongoing story about a lost world of hungry dinosaurs, sinister villains, and non-stop action. If you are new to Hollow Earth Expedition, I suggest starting at the beginning of the story.


As the wagon train rounded the bend, Jack peered around his tree to get a better look inside the cages. He was relieved to see that none of the occupants had Scrumtumbler’s unruly white coiffure, Limefellow’s prim bow-tie and bolo hat, Celeste’s sparkling red dress, or Maia’s silky black hair. What he saw were the tear-streaked faces of men, women, and children. They were a diverse collection of people and must have been captured from a variety of tribes throughout the area. Some were tattooed and others were ritually scarred. Some had long, braided hair and others were cleanly bald. The one thing they had in common was the mournful look in their eyes as they peered out from behind the wooden bars or their cages.

The giant, scraggly man pulling the train of carts stumbled momentarily over a root, and he got a swift jab in the ribs from a Nazi rifle barrel for his troubles. The soldiers laughed as his oversized features twisted into a grimace as he struggled to get the wheels moving again. Jack didn’t know much German, but he recognized the name the Nazis applied to this big man: Trotsky, whose namesake was an outspoken opponent of Stalin and Hitler. The four soldiers seemed to think it was a good joke to call their colossal slave by the name of a pint-sized political enemy, but nobody else was laughing.

Jack looked from the bearded giant to the four uniformed Nazi soldiers to the eclectic collection of prisoners. Looks like Halloween came early this year, he thought. Then he spotted a person hiding behind a tree on the other side of the road. He was dressed up like a Spartan from an ancient history book, complete with a shield, spear, thick bronze breastplate. His face was obscured by one of those helmets with the big red horse-mane running down its center.

With one hand, Jack quietly unscrewed his canteen cap and took a sniff just to make sure no one had slipped him a mickey.


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