On the T-Rex’s Tail (Hollow Earth Expedition ep49b)

The Fortune Hunter

Maia recognized the machinegun that the Nazis used against the tyrannosaur—it was an MG 34, one of the most powerful and sophisticated heavy weapons seen to date on the world’s battlefields. She knew some gun-runners who could probably get her at least a thousand dollars for it, even without the ammo. She calculated that it would make up for her own guns as well as her five-dollar bowie knife and the 25-dollar locksmith set they had also impounded from her. She might even consider it a down payment on the onyx skull she had retrieved from the under-city.

Unfortunately for Maia, no one would lay claim to the machinegun. As the bullets opened a bloody line across the tyrannosaur’s hip, the mighty beast bellowed a challenge and veered in the direction of the gun crew. It closed the distance with terrifying speed and then bounded high into the air to come down on them with both feet. Two of the three members of the crew ran screaming, while the third—either too heroic or too stupid to give up the impossible fight—remained in position until the gruesome end.

The tyrannosaur moved its foot and sniffed the ground in search of the remains of its prey. Maia couldn’t see what was left of the Nazi or the machinegun, but she knew it wouldn’t be more than scraps and shards.

The natives now fled past her, a great flowing river of panicked faces rushing in every direction away from the dinosaur. There were also a few gray helmets in the mix, showing that all enmity had been abandoned to the common sense of terror. Only a few troopers stayed their ground, their intermittent crackles of machinegun fire announcing their presence. When Maia heard a ringing boom she recognized as the report of her own shotgun, she turned in time to catch a glimpse of a gray-suited soldier unloading the second barrel at the T-rex’s tail.

Buckshot, she concluded dismissively. You might as well throw handfuls of sand, you jack-booted jackass.

A mob of panicked natives pushed past her, causing her to lose sight of her quarry. But she knew he was near, and she knew he was using her buckshot. She decided to add the cost of her shells to what the Nazis owed her.

It would take her time to catch up to him, but she would to get her due—even if she had to cross the tyrannosaur’s path to do it.



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