Behold Scrumtumbler: Bringer of Lightning! (Hollow Earth Expedition Ssn1 ep10b)

This is an ongoing story about a lost world of hungry dinosaurs, sinister villains, and non-stop action. If you are new to Hollow Earth Expedition, I suggest starting at the beginning of the story.

The cannibal whipped his weighted bolas around until it hummed through the air menacingly. The nearest of them, a shorter man with rotting teeth and a ragged pink scar in the shape of a fanged human skull on his chest, stepped closer and pointed to the professor’s machetes and spoke rapid words.

“Given some time,” Limefellow said, dropping his machete and raising his hands. “I might be able to decipher their dialect. Until then, I think it best to retreat like Hector behind the walls of Troy. ”

Scrumtumbler dropped his machete and drew forth his customized rifle. It had once been a Winchester, but now steel pipes adorned its side, gauges and vacuum tubes protruding at odd angles from the stock, and a curving dish encircled its barrel.

“Behold!” Scrumtumbler boomed, holding the weapon over his head. “Worship my name as if I were one of your heathen gods, for I am Scrumtumbler, and I bring the power of lighting from the heavens!”

The cannibals seemed amused rather than frightened by the scientist’s bluster, so Scrumtumbler dropped the rifle to his hip and pulled the trigger. A crackling arc of electricity lanced out of the barrel. For a split second, it formed a twisting blue line between the gun and the lead cannibal’s chest. The cannibal went rigid as all his muscles stiffened and then, with a flashing pop and a puff of smoke, he sailed backwards through the air to land at the feet of his fellows, unconscious but still breathing.

“That ought to scare them off,” Scrumtumbler said proudly, resting the butt of his stun gun on his hip.

The other cannibals looked down at their fallen leader, then back up at the professors. Without a word, they let loose their weapons. Scrumtumbler flinched as bolas whistled over his head and struck a tree just behind him, the weighted ends of the rope spinning tightly around the trunk. A second set of bolas entangled his stun rifle, knocking it out of his hands and breaking one of the vacuum tubes on the side. The blinking lights flickered and died, and the blue glow at the gun’s tip vanished.

“I don’t think I scared them off!” Scrumtumbler shouted. “Run, Limefellow, run!” When he looked over his shoulder, he saw that his colleague was already two dozen paces away, dashing up the road with one hand holding his hat onto his head.

Scrumtumbler turned to follow, but he didn’t get far before another set of bolas tangled around his legs and sent him sprawling, face-first, onto the forest floor.


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