Secret Societies (Hollow Earth Expedition Ssn.1 ep 37b)


The klaxon blared throughout Castle Wewelsburg as the guards tore through the filing room in search of the spies. They pointed their flashlights and their machineguns under the desks and behind the filing cabinets, and then stormed through the stately glass doors to make sure no one was hiding on the balcony or the ledges surrounding the room. Their search was swift and efficient, but the castle was a large place with many other rooms to search, and the Nazis departed the room as suddenly as they had entered it.

As soon as they slammed the heavy oak door behind them, Dr. Mortimer Scott clicked on his pen light and began reading the files surrounding him. The three of them had tucked themselves away inside filing shelf cubby-holes and pulled boxes of files in after them. Reggie had grumbled about the tight squeeze, but the slender Dr. Scott found it almost comforting to be confined to such a small space with such important reading material. As luck would have it, he had stumbled across some very important information.

Clem was the first one out of hiding and he pressed his ear to the oak door to hear what was happening in the hallway.

“They’re a-crawlin’ all over this here castle,” he said. “Ain’t no way we’re getting past them.”

Reggie pushed and shoved and wriggled his way out from his shelf, making noises that made Dr. Scott think of a grizzly bear giving birth to overweight cubs. Dr. Scott, still clutching the fat file folder, was out on his feet before Reggie finished extracting himself. It gave Dr. Scott another moment to skim through the papers he held. His German was a bit rusty, but he felt a thrill as he read on.

“Gentlemen,” he said. “You won’t believe what I’ve found. It’s got to do with—”

Reggie shouldered past him to the balcony door where he threw back the heavy curtains and aimed his flashlight out into the darkness, covering and uncovering the light with his palm at regular intervals.

“What in the sam-hell are you doin’?” Clem whispered sharply. “They see that light in this room and they’ll know right where to come get us.”

“Relax,” Reggie said. “I’m signaling the pilot.”

“And what’s the pilot supposed to do? Last I talked to her, she ain’t got a ‘get out of jail free’ card that works at Nazi prison camps.”

“Gentlemen!” Dr. Scott raised his voice just over a whisper. “You need to see what I’ve found. This file contains the Thule Society’s information on portals into the Hollow Earth. Including  their suspected location.”

“And what good is that?” Clem said. “I ain’t packed any bags for a Hollow Earth expedition, you know.”

“Don’t underestimate the importance of this information,” Dr. Scott waved the thick file folder in the air. “This may be the key to finding the greatest scientific discovery of the twentieth century. More importantly, it may be the key to keeping that discovery out of the hands of the Nazis.”



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