Soap’s got a date in The Non-Zombie Apocalypse

Nerd Love

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Soap Lazarchek is good with robots. People? Not so much.

She’s driven to find predictable patterns and formulae in all things, which is great when it comes to mechanics and science, but human beings simply don’t behave in predictable ways. That’s why she’s so confused about this whole dating thing.

In The Non-Zombie Apocalypse, Brett Jensen, the dashing school, wants to take her to dinner. Trouble is, she doesn’t know how to react, especially because Soap already has a crush on Victor, one of her fellow students in the Mad Science Institute.

What should she do? Fortunately, her friend Nikki is there to help, but Nikki has ulterior motives of her own. The whole thing is bewildering for Soap, especially because other people seem to be able to read her feelings like she’s a book, yet she has trouble reading emotions, including her own.

The Non-Zombie Apocalypse—now with 23.6% more romance!

About Sechin Tower

Sechin Tower is a teacher, game developer, and author of MAD SCIENCE INSTITUTE, a novel of creatures, calamities, and college matriculation. He lives in Seattle, Washington.
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