Spear and Rifle (Hollow Earth Expedition Ssn1 ep14c)

This is an ongoing story about a lost world of hungry dinosaurs, sinister villains, and non-stop action. If you are new to Hollow Earth Expedition, I suggest starting at the beginning of the story.


When the cart was only a few feet away, the Spartan stepped out from behind the tree to block the path. He raised his shield and cocked his spear-arm to show he meant business. Jack watched from behind his concealing tree, wondering what kind of madhouse he had stumbled into.

The wagon train stopped, the slaves in the cages rose to their feet, and the Nazis fingered their weapons nervously as they eyed this strange figure blocking their path. The Spartan stood silent and still for a long moment, daring the Nazis to move. It was clear that he intended to pit his primitive weapons against the four soldiers and, more amazingly, he was going to let them have the first move.

Jack thought about joining in: his rifle might have increased the odds of freeing those prisoners, but it would still be two of them versus four armed soldiers. As difficult as it was to admit, this was not his fight. It was 1936 and the U.S. was not at war with Germany. Maybe things would change if his countrymen could have seen Hitler’s soldiers carting off cages of women and children, but right now Jack had an obligation to restrain himself. If you get yourself killed here, he told himself, there’ll be nobody to protect your crew.

One of the Nazis whipped his rifle up, but before he could get off his shot, the Spartan’s arm snapped forward and sent the spear whistling through the air. It plunged deep into the soldier’s chest, driving him back and to the ground.

The prisoners rose to their feet and cheered. The giant strained at his chains towards the soldiers, but even his colossal strength was not enough to break free of his bonds.

With a trill of metal and a flash of bronze, the Spartan produced a short sword and surged forward to continue the assault. The next nearest Nazi lunged in with his bayonet, but the flashing shield knocked the blow to the side. The sword came down on the rifle, cleanly knocking it from the soldier’s hands. But now the other two Nazis had their rifles up to their shoulders, and they let out twin booms and a white haze of gun-smoke before the sword could come down a second time.

One of the shots knocked a hole in the bronze shield but passed harmlessly over the Spartan’s shoulder. The other shot caught the Spartan in the thigh, knocking his leg out from under him. Obviously unprepared for the power of modern weapons, the armored warrior pitched forward onto the ground. The Nazi soldiers were on top of him then, smashing at him with the butts of their rifles. The Spartan grabbed for the hilt of his fallen sword, but one of the soldiers pinned it to the ground with the tread of his boot, and then brought his rifle down on the Spartan’s helmet. The blow’s teeth-clenching reverberations echoed through the forest.

The slaves in the cages openly wept as they watched, and the giant at the yoke slumped and let his big arms dangle in their shackles.

“Alright, that’s enough!” Jack stepped out into the path and leveled his rifle in their direction.

The soldiers stopped and turned slowly to face him.

Jack blinked as a trickle of sweat stung his eye. At this range, he wouldn’t miss. But there were three of them, and they wouldn’t miss, either.


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Hollow Earth Expedition was created by Jeff Combos and is property of Exile Game Studio. For more Hollow Earth Expedition action, check out ExileGames.com

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