Spying on the Ancient City (Hollow Earth Expedition Ssn1 ep.21)

This is an ongoing story about a lost world of hungry dinosaurs, sinister villains, and non-stop action. If you’re new to Hollow Earth Expedition, I suggest starting at the beginning.

Hanging by his prehensile feet, Thelonius gripped Professor Limefellow under the armpits and hoisted him up to a low branch.

“Watch where you set me down,” Limefellow huffed, straightening his tweed suit. “Don’t you know this genus produces sticky sap?”

“I hope you will agree it is worth the bother,” Thelonius pointed out at their new vista. From up in the tree, they could see an ancient and crumbling city. Clusters of slaves moved through the vine-choked streets with the diligence of ants. All the while, their gray-suited slave masters looked on sternly.

Thelonius grunted. “It appears this city has been claimed by your tribal enemies, the Nah-Tzees.”

“It’s pronounced ‘Nazis’” Limefellow corrected.

“What is so important for them to stay in the city? Surely, They could travel anywhere in that flying city of theirs.” Thelonius pointed a long, red-brown finger at a bulbous black shape hovering fifty feet above the city’s center.

“That’s a zeppelin,” Limefellow corrected again. “And your animalistic cunning is correct: the Nazis are excavating something, and they are going to considerable efforts to do so—or, at least, their slaves are going to considerable effort. By Minerva’s plume, I wish we could get a closer look to see where they have taken my colleagues.”

“It so happens that I can grant that wish.” With a slight flourish, Thelonius produced a long spy-glass constructed from polished wood and hammered brass rings. He extended it to its full length and peered through one end.

“Have you ever seen such a device?” he asked proudly, handing it over. “It allows one to see at great distances by concentrating the perceptual rays projected from the eyes.”

“Perceptual rays?” Limefellow shook his head as he took the spyglass. “No, my simpering simian, that device operates by refracting light through curved lenses.”

“I wouldn’t expect a hairless monkey like you to understand it,” Thelonius said with a wink. “Incidentally, you might have more luck if you peered through the other end.”

Limefellow scowled at the chimp-man and then reversed the spyglass. Now he could see the city with enough detail to recognize faces, and it took him only a moment to locate Celeste’s shimmering red dress and bright blonde hair. They held her under armed guard at the center of the city, in the shadow of the zeppelin itself. There were no signs that she had been mistreated, but the Nazis seemed to be making her wait for something, probably an officer of sufficient rank to interrogate her.

Jack Steele, on the other hand, was sealed inside a cage. A rather burly soldier was weheeling him out to some unknown point in the city, away from the command post, but also away from to the slave barracks. Clearly, the Nazis had something special in store for Jack, and Limefellow guessed that it would not be pleasant.

Limefellow folded up the spyglass and handed it back. “Find me some vines,” he announced. “I shall weave us a rope using techniques I studied among the South American Q’ero tribe.”

“I have some rope right here,” Thelonius showed him the length of solid, strong fiber he kept in his satchel.

“Nevertheless, I’m certain that my rope will be superior. I have devised a plan for infiltrating the city and rescuing my friends. As long as you follow my instructions precisely, success is certain.”

Thelonius rolled his big brown eyes.



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