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My unofficial stretch goals

Anybody remember the Stretch Monster toy? I loved that thing. My sister loved it even more– she stole it from me, swaddled it in a blanked, and it became her “Green Baby.” Talk about a face only a mother could … Continue reading

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Tesla and “Sparkpunk”

  Someone recently said to me that Tesla was Steampunk. Maybe he looks that way because he began his work during the Victorian era and originally had all those gorgeous brass machines and wonderful dials and levers. But here’s the … Continue reading

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The Tesla Revolution is Here

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the release of Mad Science Institute. When I started working on it about 3 years ago, I knew enough about Nikola Tesla to know that he was the benevolent king of all mad … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla!

I’m a mad scientist, and I want to be your president* You ever heard of a guy named Nikola Tesla? Most people haven’t, unless you’ve played an RPG or read a steampunk book in the past decade. So let me … Continue reading

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