The Daredevil Pilot Arrives (Hollow Earth Expedition Ssn1 Ep5)

This post is part of an ongoing story set in the pulp-era world of Hollow Earth Expedition. If you are new to this series, I suggest starting at the beginning of the story.  

Kate Boone swooped in low and then yanked back on the stick to drive the nose of the S-2 almost straight up into the air. At the precise moment the experimental airplane stalled, she pulled the lever and the four engines—one on each wing and two on the tail—rotated perpendicular to the earth, allowing her to settle the experimental airplane into a smooth vertical landing.

She flung open the cockpit door and strode out onto the desert, brushing sand off her brown flight jacket and shaking it from her red hair. Squinting her one good eye, she saw two figures standing twenty feet away at the base of the drilling machine’s empty launch struts. One was a round-cheeked, sly-eyed man cradling a movie camera in his lap. The other wore a black hat and held a Colt revolver. As she had landed, Kate thought that he had been pointing the revolver at the other man, but her arrival had interrupted whatever might have been about to happen. Or maybe she had misunderstood what she saw—sometimes the missing eye made it hard to discern details like that.

“Who are you?” said the man with the camera.

“I’m the test pilot,” Kate said as she strode towards them. “I fly all the professor’s contraptions. I was supposed to pilot the drilling machine today.”

The man with the gun politely touched the rim of his black hat. When he did, Kate saw a triangle-and-eye tattoo on his hand.

“What’s with the patch?” The man asked with a drawl. “I reckon it ain’t easy to fly with only one eye.”

“I’ll fly circles around you, cowboy,” she said. Then she nodded at his gun and asked “You expecting trouble?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. Come look at this—we got us a saboteur.”

Reggie, the movie director, and Clem, the engineer, introduced themselves as they walked to the far side of the launch struts where they found the body of a man in a charcoal grey suit.

Kate searched through the dead man’s pockets. “No identification, but he has these.” She said, handing a small packet of papers to Reggie.

“What is this writing?” the director asked. “German? It looks like German. And the last page has a Swastika on it. Who was this guy, a Nazi spy?”

“Let’s go find out,” Kate said, dangling a key ring she had found in the spy’s pocket. It contained a hotel key, stamped with the words OASIS SPRINGS HOTEL. LAS VEGAS, NEVADA.


Hollow Earth Expedition was created by Jeff Combos and is property of Exile Game Studio. For more Hollow Earth Expedition action, check out

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Hollow Earth Expedition was created by Jeff Combos and is property of Exile Game Studio. For more Hollow Earth Expedition action, check out  

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