The Explorer Gets a Bit Lost (Hollow Earth Expedtion Ssn1 ep6b)

This post is part of an ongoing story set in the pulp-era world of Hollow Earth Expedition. If you are new to this series, I suggest starting at the beginning of the story.


From a belt pouch, Jack drew his compass and studied it in dismay. He twisted it side to side, tapped the glass, and then rubbed his cleft chin in contemplation. No matter what he did, the needle swung erratically, pointing in no particular direction for more than a few seconds. Still, there was more than one way to orient oneself in the wild. When the sun inched down from its noon-time spot, he would be able to use the hands of his watch to find north. Yet when he glanced at his watch he saw that it, too, was malfunctioning. Winding it didn’t help: the second hand kept twitching without making any progress and the hour hands remained frozen in place. He would simply need to get a feel for the land by direct observation.

Jack hopped down on the far side of the drilling machine to keep the steel hull between himself and the three-horned behemoths as he trotted towards the black, jagged rocks of the volcano’s slopes. As he went, he held his rifle at the ready and scanned the tree line—with herbivores as big as those beasts grazing around the drilling machine, this region might contain even larger predators.

He didn’t need to travel far before he found confirmation of the danger he had feared. Twenty yards before reaching the rocky slope of the mountain, he came across a wide swath of trampled grass. Hunkering down, he ran his fingers over the broken stalks to reveal dozens of sets of fresh prints.

Boot prints.

His crew was not alone in the primeval wilderness.


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    Wow. I am really looking forward to seeing where this is going.

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