The Fortune Hunter Cuts a Deal (Hollow Earth Expedition Ssn1 ep19a)

This is an ongoing story about a lost world of hungry dinosaurs, sinister villains, and non-stop action. If you’re new to Hollow Earth Expedition, I suggest starting at the beginning.

The petty-minded sergeant who took Maia prisoner wanted to set her to work with the slaves, but in this instance the Nazi zeal for formal procedure worked to Maia’s advantage. With her modern weapons and khaki clothing—not to mention her ability to speak fluent German— she was clearly not one of the natives of this land. That meant she was to be passed up the chain of command until someone figured out what to do with her.

Now she sat in the shadow of the great zeppelin that hovered above the ancient city, filling out an official report that would soon be passed on to the commandant.

“What is your nationality,” demanded the lantern-jawed lieutenant as his stubby pencil hovered over a printed form.

“Kiowa,” Maia answered, and enjoyed watching his discomfort. She knew that the only things Nazis liked better than official paperwork was proving their superiority, and this lieutenant did not want to lower himself to admit he had never heard of the Kiowa nation. Nor was Maia inclined to explain, because she was sure the officer would shorten “Native American” to simply “American,” and that wasn’t entirely accurate.

“I know what your expedition is after,” Maia taunted. “I can help you get it.”

The lieutenant looked up at her, his heavy chin slightly slack. “We need no help from you.”

“Scheiss,” she stated flatly. She had always been a fast study with language, and an even faster study with foul language.

Maia stood and pointed to a crumbling dome amid a wide field that had been assiduously cleared of vines. By the arching entrance to the dome was a stack of sand-bags and three gray-clad soldiers stationed around a long, menacing machine gun.

“It’s obvious you have a prize there because you’ve gone to such trouble to defend it. You’ve got a big zeppelin, but even an airship of that size can’t carry more than, what, fifty crewmen? Maybe less after you load it up with all your gear? You’re stretched thin on an operation of this scale, and if you assign three of those men to a single station, it means you’re guarding something too big to move.”

“We have ample manpower,” the lieutenant sounded like he was reciting his response from memory. It was clearly the party line he had been repeating to the soldiers under his command.

“Relax, Fritz,” she waved dismissively. “I’m here to bargain, not start a war. We both know you found one thing, but you’re still looking for something else. Something specific. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be putting so much effort into excavating the rest of the under-city. Whatever it is you’re hunting, I’m the one who can take you to it—if you can meet my terms.”



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