The Imperiled Actress is… Imperiled (Hollow Earth Expedition Ssn1 ep16a)

This is an ongoing story about a lost world of hungry dinosaurs, sinister villains, and non-stop action. If you’re new to Hollow Earth Expedition, I suggest starting at the beginning.

Celeste scampered up the steep cliff of a plateau, wildly grabbing for vines, roots, ledges—anything she could use to pull herself above the snapping jaws of the velociraptors. As she climbed, sharp stones and jagged layers of sediment cut into her fingers and her bare feet, but she couldn’t let it slow her. The raptors bounded high into the air after her, like tigers leaping up after a treat held just above their snouts. One of them snagged the hem of her dress in its teeth, ripping loose a long strip of red fabric and almost yanking her off the cliff. Yet she hung on, and soon she managed to pull herself over the ledge and beyond their reach.

Panting, she looked back down and saw them pacing and watching at her, the way hunting dogs watched a treed fox. But she was not up a tree—she was on an elevated stretch of ground, identical to the surrounding jungle except that some unknown geological event had long ago thrust it fifteen feet above the area she had just escaped. Better still, to her right the land continued to rise, and the slope contained the squat mouth of a natural cave.

A cave meant safety. It meant she could get out of this crazy, dangerous wilderness for a few minutes to think about how she was going to get back to the drilling machine in one piece. Most importantly, it meant a chance to rest her aching legs after all that running from dinosaurs.

She had to stoop as she progressed deep into the cave, where it became so dark that she had to grope her way along the wall like a blind woman. She couldn’t tell how far back it went, but she didn’t stop moving until she felt the hard rock wall become soft under her fingertips. Soft and fuzzy.

She paused, confused, and prodded the wall to figure out what she was feeling.

It growled at her.

Celeste yelped and scrambled to the exit, her headlong rush through the low cave causing her to spill forward onto the ground. She could hear the thing behind her moving as it turned and came after her, but all she could do was scramble on her hands and knees towards the cave opening.

She burst into the sunlight and whirled to see a massive brown bear lumbering out of the cave behind her, its angry yellow eyes fixed on hers. Celeste had seen bears in the San Diego Zoo, and she had worked with lions on set, but this was bigger than any of those animals. When this bear rose onto its hind feet, it towered fourteen feet into the air and seemed to block out all the light from the sky. With another vexed growl, it raised a hefty paw, ready to deliver the death stroke.

Celeste lunged sideways to escape down the cliff, but stopped short when she saw the velociraptor pack still waiting for her below.

There was nothing left for her to do but scream.



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