The Professors Bicker (Hollow Earth Expedition Ssn1 ep10)

This post is part of an ongoing story set in the pulp-era world of Hollow Earth Expedition. If you are new to this series, I suggest starting at the beginning of the story.

“Surely you must admit that we have discovered the Hollow Earth,” Scrumtumbler said as he hacked down a lush fern that obscured the game trail. “How else do you explain the

Tri-Horned Scrumtumbler-saurs?”

“You mean the triceratopses?” Limefellow said as he sawed gingerly at a vine with his machete, pausing half way through to mop his forehead with his pocket kerchief. “You don’t get to name those after yourself. They were discovered back in 1889.”

“Yes, but they were thought to be extinct. Therefore, I discovered them. Also, they prove my Hollow Earth theory.”

“Many creatures are thought to be extinct when in fact their descendants are hiding in some forgotten corner of the globe. It doesn’t prove anything.” As he spoke, Limefellow held one end of his vine at arm’s length and stepped cautiously beneath it.

“The sun, then,” Scrumtumbler pointed up into the canopy where the bright yellow rays trickled through between the leaves. “How do you explain that we have been searching for Celeste for hours, but the sun has stayed at high noon the whole time? The only explanation is that there is a miniature sun hovering at the exact center of Earth’s inner space, like the burning filament inside a light bulb. Wherever we go inside this sphere, it will always high noon. I call it the Scrumtumbler Effect. I discovered that, too.”

The professors entered an open stretch of the game trail, which allowed them to move along more swiftly through the jungle. Above them, a riot of bird squawks seemed to echo their debate.

“Your theories are ridiculous,” Limefellow said, shifting his briefcase to his right hand and his machete to his left. “First, neither your wrist-watch nor my pocket watch are functioning, so we don’t know how long we have been out here. Second, we might have surfaced in Antarctica, where the sun remains high in the sky at certain times of the year.”
“Antarctica?” Scrumtumbler wiped the sweat from his forehead under his glasses. “It’s got to be eighty degrees here. Now who’s got the crazy theories?”

“Thermal vents at the poles could create tropical pockets of—”

Limefellow stopped speaking as six short, dark-skinned natives appeared around a bend in the trail about twenty yards ahead. Both groups froze and studied each other carefully. From where they stood, the professors could see that the bald heads and bare chests of the natives were covered with ritual scars in the shapes of skulls. Their ear-lobes, lips, and nostrils were pierced with bones, and their necks were adorned by strings of what appeared to be human ears. One of them drew forth a short length of rope that was weighted by rocks at the ends.

“These men display all the anthropological indicators of cannibalism,” Limefellow said in a low tone. “I fear they may intend to eat us.”

“Look what I’ve discovered!” Scrumtumbler declared gleefully. “It’s the Scrumtumbler Tribe!”


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