The Tyrannosaur Arrives! (Hollow Earth Expedition Ssn1 ep16b)

This is an ongoing story about a lost world of hungry dinosaurs, sinister villains, and non-stop action. If you’re new to Hollow Earth Expedition, I suggest starting at the beginning.

Once, Celeste had told her mother that she would go out the way she came in: screaming at the top of her lungs. That prophesy seemed about to come true as the massive cave bear loomed over her. She filled her lungs with air and then gave the best blood-curdling scream of her career.

The sound caused birds to explode out of the surrounding trees. The velociraptors below cringed and slinked backwards. Even the cave bear paused, its paw still high over her head. If she had been able to scream like that in her audition for Embrace of the Zombie, she would have snagged the leading role right out from under Lillian van Doren. Here, it only bought her a brief stay of execution.

Her scream echoed away through the forest as her lungs emptied. To her surprise, the sound was answered by a distant roar. Far away though it was, this new sound rumbled past them with the clarity of thunder.

The bear scanned the jungle in the direction of the roar, but after a moment it turned its angry yellow eyes back to Celeste.

Again, Celeste screamed. Again, the answering roar sounded throughout the jungle, but this time it was much closer. And now the actress could feel a tremor in the ground that soon resolved itself into a rapid series of powerful footsteps.  The footsteps grew nearer and nearer, until they were momentarily covered by the deafening, ripping noise of a tree falling and the leaves of the jungle canopy rustled like a chorus of frightened voices heralding the approach of something truly gigantic.

The bear galloped back into the darkness of its cave, but the velociraptors had no safe haven. They bolted, but not until the tyrant king of all dinosaurs burst through the tree line.

Its snout, its eyes, its jaw—all these added up to the size of an automobile, and that was just the head. The creature’s teeth were as big as broadswords, with ropes of saliva and the red pieces of a recent meal trailing from them. Its forearms were stunted and almost comical in their dangling uselessness, but its supremely powerful hind legs more than made up for the lack. Those legs carried the beast through the forest with such irresistible power that the creature seemed less a thing of flesh and blood and more a force of nature. This dinosaur was more than a predator—it was a tsunami, a tornado, an earthquake, and all who failed to flee would be swept down its vast maw.

This was Tyrannosaurus rex, the mightiest carnivore ever to walk the planet.

The velociraptors bounded away, but the tyrannosaur caught up to them in three booming steps. Its gigantic teeth closed upon the nearest tail and it flipped the smaller dinosaur into the air like a cat playing with a mouse. The raptor’s squeal was cut short as it fell into the awaiting, after which came the horrid sound of splintering bones, followed by the deep slurping as the tyrannosaur bobbed its head in the air to swallow its meal.

In a daze of terror, Celeste rose to her feet and backed away on wobbly legs. Instantly, the vertical black pupil of the monster’s eye fixed on her. When she ran, the tyrannosaur cleared the edge of the small cliff in a single bound to pursue its new prey.



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