Thwarted Rebellion (Hollow Earth Expedition Ssn1 ep.22b)

This is an ongoing story about a lost world of hungry dinosaurs, sinister villains, and non-stop action. If you’re new to Hollow Earth Expedition, I suggest starting at the beginning.


Before the guard could blow his whistle, the slaves hurled their stones at him. One struck his hand, knocking his rifle to the ground. Another clanged against his helmet with such a resounding thump that Jack could hear it from inside his cage, thirty yards away.

Sergeant Schmidt fired his rifle into the crowd of rebelling natives. One of the dark-skinned, red-haired men clutched his chest and fell, but the rest surged forward. Once these men broke free, Jack knew that they could release others to join their cause, who would release still more of their fellows until all the chains were broken. It was like watching the dam as the moment of ruptured as it spilled the first torrents that would soon become a flood of fury to wash the jungle free of the Nazi menace.

HALT!” The word echoed out of the sky like thunder, and for an instant Jack thought it must be God himself issuing the order. But it was not: the resonant, commanding voice spoke through a loudspeaker aboard the zeppelin. Somehow, Jack knew this was the voice of von Wartenburg, the Nazi commandant who was so widely rumored to be a sorcerer.

When the rebelling slaves heard this voice, they froze in mid-step, their rocks, sticks, and other make-shift weapons still held aloft and their faces paused in their moment of seething anger. Yet there they stood, suddenly unwilling or unable to attack.

KNEEL,” boomed von Wartenburg’s voice.

The slaved did not argue or question. They simply slid to their knees—all of them, in unison, as if they had been practicing it this way.

Jack stared in amazement. He didn’t know what language the commandant was speaking—it wasn’t German and it wasn’t English, yet somehow Jack recognized the sounds and even understood the meanings of the words. It was like the syllables triggered some primal instinct in his brain and called up deep impulses from somewhere below his conscious being. The commands felt physical, as if his muscles were tied to invisible strings and von Wartenburg were the puppeteer.

Other soldiers ran to the scene, keeping their weapons trained on the kneeling slaves. A medic tended to the wounded guard and Schmidt slung his rifle back over his shoulder and returned to pushing Jack’s wheeled cage with perfect nonchalance.

“How did he do that?” Jack asked desperately, pressing his face between the iron-hard bars. “Why would they obey those commands?”

“I told you,” Schmidt said. “Ze natives belieff Herr Doktor von Wartenburg iz a sorcerer.” He smiled then, showing off a broken incisor. “And I belieff zey are correkt.”

Schmidt pushed Jack through the arched doorway of the domed building. As he passed through the threshold, he heard the shots of a mass firing squad putting a final end to the thwarted rebellion.



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