Up Against the Wall (Hollow Earth Expedition ssn1 ep37c)


Without being ordered to do so, Dr. Scott thrust his hands into the air and marched himself over to the wall, pressing his body flat against the cold stone. The Nazis seemed to like that idea and had Clem and Reggie follow the doctor’s lead, shouting at them to face the wall and keep still.

“Why’d you have to give them this idea?” Reggie moaned. “Up against the wall is where they like to shoot people, you know.”

“You signaled the pilot, right?” Dr. Scott said calmly. “I have a feeling that her bad depth perception is about to work to our advantage.”

At that instant, the nose of the Scrumtumbler S-1 Aircraft burst through the balcony’s glass doors. The engines were tilted up to allow the S-1 to hover, and the propwash instantly filled the room with a storm of glass shards.

The Nazi soldiers screamed and threw their arms over their exposed faces, but the Americans, pressed up against the wall to the side of the doors, were shielded from danger.

The S-1 pulled back slightly, and swung around, its side door bobbing open invitingly. Clem and Reggie wasted no time leaping aboard. Dr. Scott veered off course just long enough to grab two files from the floor.

A bullet cracked into the stone at his feet as Dr. Scott leapt for the airplane door, but the S-1 was climbing into the night sky before the Nazis could fire again.

As Dr. Scott sealed the aircraft door behind him, he saw that the Germans were scrambling fighters in their airfield below. They weren’t out of danger yet.



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