Welcome to the Jungle (Hollow Earth Expedition Ssn1 ep11)

This is an ongoing story about a lost world of hungry dinosaurs, sinister villains, and non-stop action. If you are new to Hollow Earth Expedition, I suggest starting at the beginning of the story.

Celeste’ s mad dash took her into the darkened forest until she tripped on a fallen branch. She tumbled into the thick layer of moss and soft leaves, where she lay for a time, gasping for breath and listening to her heart thump like a jackrabbit’s foot against the inside of her rib cage. Slowly, she regained control over herself and realized she had escaped the triceratopses. Now all she needed to do was find her way back to the others.

She pulled herself up to a seated position and huddled against a tree trunk. When she finally managed to pry her eyes open, she found herself alone in the deeply shadowy forest. Above her, the canopy was alive with bird calls and rustling leaves. Around her were tree trunks, thick ferns, and fallen logs, some of which were as big around as she was tall. But the important part was that there were no sign of the trampling triceratopses.

Her red high-heels had come off when she fell from the drilling machine, which was a blessing because she would have broken an ankle sprinting in those things. It left her bare feet scraped and sore, but they were better off than her red dress, which had shed large patches of red sequins, particularly over the knees and at her sides. A long, ragged rip ran down the fabric from her thigh to her ankle, and the hem of her dress was frayed and stained. Beyond that, her desperate sprint had made her perspire in the way movie stars weren’t supposed to perspire. Her throat was uncomfortably dry, and the warm, close air of the rainforest didn’t help.

When she felt stable, she stood to brush herself off and found a black-shelled beetle crawling on the top of her bare foot. It made her wish she had her shoes, but a beetle was nothing that would frighten her. She had grown up in depression-era Oklahoma. Her family had managed better than most, but the house was drafty and constantly under siege by pests. She simply brushed the insect off her foot with her red fingernails.

When she did, she found a fat orange centipede crawling along the back of her hand.

A centipede of this size was unsettling, but it still offered no need to panic. She had just survived a triceratops stampede, after all, so she felt she could keep it together around a centipede. Raising her hand at eye level, she neatly thwacked the creature off her skin. She smiled with grim satisfaction as the centipede twisted through the air and landed smack-dab inside a spider’s web. The orange creature writhed its legs helplessly as a fat black spider scampered over to tend to its new prey.

“That’s what you get for bugging me, you little creep,” she said, dusting off her hands.


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