What is “Kris Kon?”

Every year for almost 20 years now, my friends have a private gaming convention from Boxing Day until New Years Day. We play all kinds of games, including the new board games everyone got for Christmas, tabletop RPGs (sometimes ongoing, sometimes one-shots), and lots of video games. We have large supplies of french toast mix for breakfast, a well-stocked larder of sandwich-makings for lunch, and each person or couple takes one night to prepare the dinner. It’s wonderful to live with my best friends for a week celebrating our geekiness and our miniature community.

Yesterday I discovered that one of our number was the last person on the planet to not know what Gangnam Style is. After showing him the video and explaining its significance, its satirical meaning, and its popularity, I then promised him that each day of Kris Kon I would show him a parody that would directly appeal to our shared geekiness.

He said “no way there are enough parodies of this that you could show one per day of the con.”

Heh. He has no idea, does he?

The only thing is that, in the spirit of Kris Kon, the parodies have to touch on some aspect of our shared history, which cuts down on the options dramatically. Can I do it? Will there be enough to relate directly to the history of our interests? Which vids will I pick?

First, if you want a refresher on the silly Korean ear-worm/eye-candy, here it is:

Now, for today’s parody installment, I wanted to go back to one of our shared movie favorites, Big Trouble in Little China.

This movie is a masterpiece of cheesy special effects and high-flying kung fu, but what makes it special is the imaginative plot and the distinctive characters– the main character, Jack Burton (played by Kurt Russel), is a loudmouth trucker who doesn’t seem to realize that he’s actually the sidekick in his own movie. This is one of those movies that’s immanently quotable, and there was a time when we watched it several times a year, if not once a month.

If you know Big Trouble in Little China, you will likely find this hilarious. If you don’t know the movie, go watch it in good humor and then watch this parody music video (which, minute for minute, might have had a higher budget than the original movie)

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Sechin Tower is a teacher, game developer, and author of MAD SCIENCE INSTITUTE, a novel of creatures, calamities, and college matriculation. He lives in Seattle, Washington.
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