Who’s Un-Evolved? (Hollow Earth Expedition Ssn1 ep18b)

This is an ongoing story about a lost world of hungry dinosaurs, sinister villains, and non-stop action. If you’re new to Hollow Earth Expedition, I suggest starting at the beginning.


Professor Limefellow stared in amazement at the talking chimpanzee. “How is it that you can speak?” he asked

“I prefer to use my mouth and throat when forming words—is there some other way to do it?” The chimp-man’s domed lips curled up into a wry smirk. “Forgive my jest. My name is Thelonius, and I am very pleased to have discovered you.”

Thelonius performed a twisting dismount which landed him a few paces from Limefellow.  Standing on level ground, he revealed his posture to be almost as upright as that of a human being, although he stood a few inches shorter than the average man.

“But you—you’re an ape,” Limefellow stammered. “Apes cannot speak. You aren’t evolved.”

“You accuse me of being un-evolved?” The chimpanzee narrowed his mahogany eyes and pursed his brown lips. “I note, sir, that you have only two articulated thumbs. I have four.” To demonstrate this point, Theloinius snatched a small rock from the ground with his foot. He tossed it up and down repeatedly, catching it between his long, finger-like toes each time.

“Be that as it may,” the chimp-man went on. “You must tell me: do you come from the land where men speak Angle-ish?”

“Angle-ish?” Limefellow repeated. “Oh—English. Yes, it is my native tongue. But how did you came to speak this language?”

“When I was a pup,” Thelonius explained. “I met a hairless monkey from Angle-land. He taught me many things, and I have been searching for another like him ever since. Today, it seems, I have finally found one.”

As strange as the chimp-man appeared, Limefellow began to sense that he meant no harm. The professor had been clutching his briefcase defensively to his chest, but now he lowered his guard and wondered whether this primitive-looking fellow might be of some assistance.

“I came with a group,” Limefellow said. “Can you help me find them?”

“Others from the outer-world?” The chimp’s eyes lit up with very human excitement. “Of course I will help you find your group. The presence of others from the outer world would firmly establish my theories.”

“Your… theories?” Limefellow repeated cautiously.

“Indeed!” Thelonius exclaimed. “I have a theory that the world is a hollow stone sphere, and that a vibrant and technologically advanced society of ape-men lives upon its surface.”

Limefellow groaned. “You and your ‘theories’ remind me of a man named Scrumtumbler.”

“If I remind you of him,” Thelonius winked. “Then he must be a particularly handsome member of your species. Come—there was a recent commotion not far from here. Perhaps we will find the other members of your group in that direction.”



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Hollow Earth Expedition was created by Jeff Combos and is property of Exile Game Studio. For more Hollow Earth Expedition action, check out ExileGames.com

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  1. L says:

    Is it December yet? Hollow Earth Celeste’s character is whimsical, determined, sturdy, yet feminine – a great balancing act! I await your novel, though, with the proverbial bated breath!!

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